Aimee Martinez featured in Voyage LA Magazine

From Aimee Martinez in Voyage LA Magazine’s piece Meet Aimee Martinez of Colectivo ART in Los Angeles and West Hollywood from April 18, 2018:

ColectivoART strives to support emerging artist development and make art collecting accessible to those interested in developing knowledge and acquiring art in a unique and experiential way. Collecting art is not just about the acquisition, it is about participating in an experience that fosters dialogue, critical thinking and growth.

We value our relationships and believe in nurturing artist development to cultivate a community of artists and those who are artists in mind. ColectivoART offers the opportunity to travel to international destinations and meet with artists in their communities and studios as well as collaborate with like-minded organizations.

Being a psychologist and training to become a psychoanalyst has definitely influenced this journey. I have been called an “art mommy” and that I work to take care of artists, “like a mother, a sister, and a friend.” That makes me the most proud.

-Aimee Martinez


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