The Future Moves Slow

A POP-UP GALLERY ON NOVEMBER 11TH-13TH, 2017 FEATURING MAJOR MOVEMENTS FROM THE WORLD OF CUBAN ART in West Hollywood in Collaboration with Schoos Design and MakeWild as part of the Artists in Mind project.

Artists in Mind and Makewild have joined creative forces to bring you The Future Moves Slow: a celebration and discussion around Cuban artists, the resilience of the Cuban people, and the creative expression born out of US-Cuban relations.


In Cuba, the future moves slow. In 1961 Fidel Castro pledged to make “the greatest art schools in the world”. When US-Cuban diplomatic relations ended that same year, soon did construction of the pledged schools as well. As both countries’ governments continued to clash, Cubans witnessed slow progress inside their borders. What wasn’t stunted, however, was artistic growth and expression. The Future Moves Slow exhibits the creative genius and parallels experiences flowing from both Cuban and US artists during this time.

What does it mean to be resilient in the face of adversity? How can art as a medium help us communicate with one another? This experience is intended to create space for discussion around strengthening the relationship between our two countries. Whether a painter, sculpture, photographer or surfboard maker, the parallel of creation out of necessity can be found across cultures and mediums.


“When you don’t have much, you have to look inside.
That is the moment you start to create.”
-Miguel Machado, Artist, Havana 2017




Orestes Hernandez is a self-taught Cuban artist who is regarded as one of the future backbone emerging artists of the Cuban art scene. His colorful and often cartoonlike paintings and collages offer insight into the political and social issues surrounding Cuba. Recently, he and Miguel Machado were featured together in Hamburg, Germany.



Ruben Rodriguez graduated from the Provincial School of Plastic Arts in Villa Clara, Cuba in 1975 and then the National School of Plastic Arts in Havana, Cuba in 1980 with a degree specializing in painting, engraving and drawing. His art is featured in museums, galleries and private collections in Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Iran, Venezuela, Portugal, France and Cuba.



Roger Toledo graduated from The University of Fine Arts (ISA) in Havana where he is currently a professor. His most recent achievement was a show at the Arts Museum of the Americas (AMA) in DC, a group exhibition of young Cuban artists named Art(xiomas) CubaAhora: the next generation.



Nelson Ramirez de Arellano is a member of the team “Liudmila & Nelson”: cutting edge Cuban artist team working in collaboration since 1994. They represented Cuba at the 2013 Venice Biennale. Their work researches themes like, from public to private, politics, timepast-present-possible future, immigration and culture. Most recently, Nelson’s work was featured in Los Angeles at The Annenberg Center for Photography’s exhibit, Cuba IS.


Cuty Ragazzone, studied Art History at Havana’s University, graduating in 1988. Active since then on the Cuban art scene, Cuty won several prizes in Cuba and Spain, such as the 2002 Prize for Peace given by the City of Barcelona and the 2nd Place at the 2006 Erotic Art Fair of the Fayad Jamis Gallery in Havana.



Corratgé was part of both Los Once and Los Diez, the two major Cuban abstract art groups that emerged during the 50’s. Member of the Group “Diez Pintores Concretos,” Havana, CUBA along with Luis Martínez Pedro, Pedro de Oráa, Loló Soldevilla, Wifredo Arcay, Sandú Darié, José Mijares, Rafael Soriano, Pedro Alvarez, Alberto Menocal. His work can be seen worldwide as well as at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana.



Vladimir León Sagols lives and works in Havana. He has presented at a number of important exhibitions including: 2013. Siete artistas cubanos. Royal George Hall. Toronto, Canada / 2011. Evas. Basílica Menor del Convento San Francisco de Asís. Havana, Cuba / 2010. Sueños Abiertos. Exposicia colectiva. Miami Design District. Florida, United States / 2008. Sublimes Criaturas. Galería Casa Oswaldo Guayasamín. Havana, Cuba.


Damián Aquiles works with recycled metals, canvas and plastic to assemble his metal work, word installations, works on paper and paintings. His pieces can be seen in and around Cuba including the famous Fabrica de Arte (FAC) in Havana.



Miguel Machado is considered by many to be the main emerging star of the Cuban art scene. You would never know his age given the life experience his art portrays. His work has been described as “Disney meets Delacroix” and are being sought out by collectors around the world.



Havana Libre, a Makewild project, is a character study of artists and athletes pursuing their passions against great odds. Their dream is to legitimize the sport of surfing in Cuba. Filmed over one of the most transformative periods in Cuba’s last 50 years: President Obama visits, the Rolling Stones play, Fidel Castro dies, and President Trump decides to roll back the progress to normalize relationships between the United States and Cuba.

While the project focuses on the struggle to legitimize surfing, there are broader themes at play: creating from necessity and resistance to change have produced stories and art that further discussion of relations, specifically of millennials connecting across a once great divide.

The Makewild team is Corey McLean, Tyler Dunham, Seth Brown, and Marco Bava.